Christian Recording Artist Michael W. Smith Joins President Clinton at Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial

Michael W_ Smith - 20th Anniversary Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial
Michael W. Smith – 20th Anniversary Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial

Acclaimed singer, songwriter, and musician Michael W. Smith joined several notable people in remembering victims of the Oklahoma City Bombing. He also received the prestigious 2015 Applause Award from the Nashville-based Belmont University… See full story at:


“There She Stands” performed by Michael W. Smith — Oklahoma City Memorial

In this video by KOCO 5 News, Christian recording artist Michael W. Smith performed “There She Stands” during the 20th anniversary remembrance ceremony at the Oklahoma City Memorial and Museum.


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Hospitality and Ministering to Families Affected by Autism

How Christ-centered hospitality can help families affected by autism.


According to Nish Weiseth, autism can go unnoticed by onlookers, who might assume a child is merely misbehaved, unsocial, rude, awkward, or just plain weird.  Weiseth says these traits can easily isolate the child and, sometimes, their whole family.

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A Day in the Life of a Child with Autism at The ELIJA School (Video)

Working with Children with Autism:  Follow a day in the life of an ELIJA student. The ELIJA School is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting children with Autism, their families and the Autism community at large with science-based treatments utilizing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). The ELIJA School is located in Levittown, NY.  For more information, visit them online at:


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Yahoo Parenting13 Tough Truths Only Parents of Kids With Autism Will UnderstandYahoo ParentingAutism is not a childhood diagnosis; it is a lifetime diagnosis. And it’s not a diagnosis that affects one person. It affects the entire family and beyond. …



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Pastor Derwin Gray: Body Cameras for Police Are ‘Necessity’

Christian leaders respond to video of Walter Scott shooting.


In this interview, Pastor Derwin Gray of Transformation Church in Indian Land, South Carolina responds to Walter Scott shooting in North Charleston.  Police allege that during the struggle the Scott gained control of the Taser and attempted to use it against Officer Michael T. Slager.  Pastor Gray said seeing the video left him heartbroken. Scott was no threat to anyone, he said.

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Dash cam shows moments before shooting of Walter Scott — (CNN Video)


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The New York Times reports that an Australian publicist representing the bystander who filmed North Charleston police officer Michael Slager kill Walter Scott earlier this month recently sent cease and desist letters to news …

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A North Charleston cop who appears to be Michael Slager can be heard laughing about the adrenaline he was feeling shortly after he killed Walter Scott. Slager has since been charged with murder and fired from the force.

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Mourners packed a South Carolina church Saturday to remember Walter Scott, the black man shot to death by a white police officer last weekend. The funeral was at the W.O.R.D. Ministries Christian Center in Summerville, …


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Pastor Carl Lentz of Hillsong Church New York Interview With HuffPost Live

Pastor Carl Lentz — Hillsong Church New York Interview: In this video by HuffPost Live, Carl Lentz discusses his church’s appeal to some of today’s biggest celebrities. Lentz is the lead pastor of Hillsong NYC, a church in the heart of Manhattan that has a passion to serve the city and make an impact worldwide.


Pastor Carl Lentz is about trying to get people to experience the power of God as fast as possible. Lentz co-founded Hillsong Church NYC in 2012 as an extension of the main Hillsong Church in Sydney.  This church attracts everyday New Yorkers, professional NBA players, musicians and other celebrities.

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CBS This Morning — Thousands Pack the Pews at Hillsong Church NYC

While statistics show that church attendance is on the decline, Hillsong Church is bucking that trend without shying away from tough questions over social issues. Jericka Duncan takes a look at how this popular megachurch from Australia is making its mark in the United States.  To learn more about this ministry, visit them online at:


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