Ministry News: High-Ranking ISIS Leader Gives His Life to Jesus

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Michael Youssef’s ministry is reporting the miracle-working power of Christ in the Middle East.


Cee Harmon’s insight:

After watching Leading The Way’s satellite TV channel, ISIS leader (Muhammad) had a plan, according to Michael Youssef’s ministry.  That plan: to kill a member of Leading the Way’s follow-up team.

According to the ministry, Peter (member of Michael Yousseff’s ministry team) met with Muhammad and boldly proclaimed the gospel to him. After they parted ways, the ministry reports, God continued to speak to Muhammad, revealing Himself in a dream and bringing great conviction upon him.

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Mother Shares Her Story of Her Promising Student Athlete Son Being Gunned Down

Your World Show with Pastor Creflo Dollar | Mothers Against Murder Interview
Courtesy: Your World Show with Pastor Creflo Dollar | Mothers Against Murder Interview

Your World Show: On this episode Pastor Creflo Dollar interviewed Sharron, who shared her story about the tragic loss of her son, after he was gunned down at school. It’s an epidemic that’s all too familiar to many parents today.

According to Pastor Creflo, this gun violence is not just an issue for Georgia, it’s a national issue that we need to be concerned about and parents can be empowered to take action and insure that our children can enjoy a SAFE education no matter where they attend school.

During these trying times, it’s vital for Christians to learn how to lean on God’s grace and know that He is with us always, even in the most difficult situations of life.  See full story…

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