The Prayer of Jabez: Bruce Wilkinson Interview

The Prayer of Jabez — Bruce Wilkinson Interview: In this video, Jentezen Franklin from Kingdom Connection talks to Bruce Wilkinson about the Prayer of Jabez.

Cee Harmon‘s insight:

The Prayer of Jabez book by Bruce Wilkinson helps you learn how one daily prayer can help you leave the past behind and break through to the life you were meant to live. It was first released in 2000 and sold nine million copies in the first two years alone.  The website has a testimonials section with numerous personal stories of answered prayer.

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Jentezen Franklin and Love A Child Ministries Give Hope to Haiti

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Jentezen Franklin and Love A Child Ministries Give Hope to Haiti

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Jentezen Franklin and Free Chapel is working with Love A Child ministries to help feed hungry children in Haiti.  It is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.  Haiti has the third highest rate of hunger in the world.  Partners who…

Veterans Day 2013: The 700 Club Honors Our Veterans

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Veterans Day 2013: The 700 Club Honors Our Veterans

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Veterans Day 2013 video from 700 Club Interactive:  On this episode, CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) staff interviews Darren Crowder, a former United States Army Special Forces (Green Beret) Soldier.  Even though he was a proven…

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Veteran’s Day Today – 3WC News – Hometown Christian Radio 3WC

Veteran’s Day Today. Date Monday, November 11, 2013 at 9:53AM. It’s Veteran’s Day and there are

Veterans of Foreign Wars District III hosts a ...
Veterans of Foreign Wars District III hosts a memorial event Nov. 11 at Yongsan Garrison, Seoul Korea. U.S. and Korean dignitaries placed wreathes and flowers to honor veterans. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

events planned for this morning at the 11 hour of the 11 day of the 11 month. Ralph Broyhill of the Veterans’ Services says this is the 29th year Read more …

HAPPY VETERAN’S DAY!!! – Christian Women Online

Giving thanks to and honoring our veterans for their service and sacrifice! Thanks to you, these flags stand free and for freedom! Read more …

[Veteran Day 2013] Honor Military Veterans: Remembering Love and Sacrifice … – Crossmap

Crossmap[Veteran Day 2013] Honor Military Veterans: Remembering Love and Sacrifice …Crossmap[Veterans Day 2013] Military Veterans Day is a Prayer for Peace, not WorriorsReligions around the world and throughout the ages have themes of sacrifice at …Read more …

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19. It Is Written TV: “Veterans Day–A Christian in Uniform” (Complete) PBMC

Pastor Shawn Boonstra Video: Veteran’s Day is a special time of year set aside to honor those who are willing to lay their lives on the line for the good of their country. They are men and women who put on a uniform and take the ultimate risk so that you and I can live in the safety and comfort we take for granted every day of our lives.


Atlanta GA Church Directory

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Atlanta GA Church Directory

Our metro Atlanta GA Church Directory  is designed to provide you with information to help you choose a church or ministry to attend in the Atlanta, GA area.  Our online church directory has updated listings and reviews of some of the top churches and ministries.  This directory is for both…

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Travel Guide to Atlanta, GA, (USA) Video:  Atlanta is a very green city, full of magnolias, dogwoods, Southern pine and oak treas. This city is continuously growing and adapting to change as it grows. If you are planning to visit the wonderful city you can expect great shopping, imaginative dining and a vibrant art scene.

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Various Artists – North Point Music: Let There Be Light (Review

Andy Stanley, targets their conferences and teachings at students and young people, as worship

English: Seal of Atlanta.
English: Seal of Atlanta. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

leaders bring people into the presence of God, and influencing people throughout their annual conference in Atlanta Georgia. Read more …

PLUMB Honored to Join Winter Jam 2014 Lineup | Christian Music

2/7 – Greenville, SC 2/8 – Atlanta, GA 2/9 – Birmingham, AL 2/13 – Augusta, GA 2/14 – Knoxville, TN 2/15 – Greensboro, NC 2/16 – Norfolk, VA 2/21 – Cincinnati, OH 2/22 – Detroit, MI 2/23 – Cleveland, OH 2/27 – Tupelo, MS.  Read more …

2013 Dove Award Wrap Up | Gospel Newsroom

After a 2-year production run in Atlanta, Georgia, the Gospel Music Association (GMA) returned to Nashville, Tennessee. The awards were held at the Lipscomb Arena on the campus of Lipscomb University with a sold out Read more …

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Billy Graham Rapid Response Team Chaplain Releases New Book

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He Goes Before Us Book - Chaplain Ginger SandersChristian Book by Billy Graham Rapid Response Team Chaplain: He Goes Before Us is book written by Chaplain Ginger Sanders.  According to Sanders, “God is not surprised by any storms in our lives. In fact, we often see him most…

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The Billy Graham Rapid Response Team Ministering to The Victims of the Colorado Floods

This is a video of the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team Ministering to The Victims of the Colorado Floods.  Visit their website at:

Here is a classic photo of Evangelist Billy Graham with President Ronald Reagan:

English: President Ronald Reagan and Nancy Rea...
English: President Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan greet Billy Graham at the National Prayer Breakfast held at the Hilton Washington. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)