Eric Thomas: “Greatness Is Upon You” at Elevate Your Potential Magazine

Eric Thomas Video: In this video, he explains “Greatness Is Upon You” to the Auburn Tigers football team. Thomas said it was easy for him to drop out of school because his father and grandfather dropped out of school. He has already obtained a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree, and is currently working on his PhD.


Cee Harmon’s Insight:

In order to breakthrough any barriers in our mindset, we have silence that negative voice in our heads. Repeating positive affirmations daily will help change the way you think, reprogram your mind, and remove the old negative beliefs that have been sabotaging you.


Can Sleep Help You Reach Your Health and Wellness Goals?

“Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together”-Thomas Dekker, English Elizabethan dramatist writerThere is no doubt about it: you must sleep for a healthy mind and body. Sleep is also crucial for your workouts and your physical health. Proper sleep has great benefits for your mental and physical health.How are sleep […]


Scientists warn that poor sleeping habits can increase the risk of becoming overweight in the long run due to increase calorie consumption.