Staying Grounded: Major-league baseball pitcher, who also works as a plumber, says faith helps keep him focused

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Detroit Tigers pitcher Michael Fulmer works as a plumber in the offseason and serves as a mentor to adults with developmental disabilities, keeping in touch with his faith and keeping himself focused.

Cee Harmon’s insight:

“It’s a way for me to stay levelheaded,” said the 25-year-old right-hander of his part-time gig with Cyrus Wright Plumbing in his home state of Oklahoma. It’s not hard to stay humble when you’re unclogging a toilet.

Fulmer said he is just one of a number of Tigers players committed to Jesus. On a recent Sunday in Kansas City, Mo., 13 Detroit players showed up for the informal prayer service known as Baseball Chapel, he said.

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What Bishop Michael Curry Preached at the Royal Wedding Between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

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Royal Wedding: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle broke with tradition to ask US Episcopal Bishop Michael Curry to speak at their wedding. And Curry did not disappoint the couple or the viewing audience. He offered some powerful words on love.

Cee Harmon’s insight:

Bishop Curry: “Love is the only way. There’s power in love. Don’t underestimate it. Don’t even over sentimentalize it. There’s power, power in love. If you don’t believe me, think about a time when you first fell in love.”

“The whole world seemed to center around you and your beloved. Well, there’s power, power in love, not just in its romantic forms, but any form, any shape of love.”

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Protesters Rally in Washington DC To Draw Attention to A Problem That Plagues the Nation | The Restoration Project

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Catherine Davis, founder and president of The Restoration Project gathered community leaders to the Lincoln Memorial Wednesday to shed some light on an issue that has plagued our nation and especially the African-American and minority communities for far too long: Abortion.

Cee Harmon’s insight:

Attendees included Rev. Dean Nelson of Human Coalition and Alveda King among others. 

The Vision of The Restoration Project:

“We envision a world where men are men as God intended – where fatherlessness ceases to exist and the hearts of men are fully restored to God, family and community.”

“We imagine a world where the inner wounds of men are healed, where men know God deeply and wildly, and where men move from an inner core of strength to restore God’s Kingdom to the world.”

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Bethany Christian Services: Safe Homes with Foster Care and Adoption

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With both foster and adoptive situations, Bethany Christian Services strives to offer safe, loving Christian homes for kids by assessing prospective foster and/or adoptive families and seeing what their living situations are like.

Cee Harmon’s insight:

Since Bethany’s goal is to reunite families and kids, they help provide “support and services to birth parents to make sure it’s safe for the kids to return and that process would involve the agency making recommendations and then, also, the court weighing in on whether or not the children are able to go home.”

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9 Silent Factors That Threaten To Make or Break You As a Leader

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So you’ve noticed something. Your ability to lead well seems to fluctuate. Some days you’re sharp, but on other days you’re sluggish, fuzzy or so burdened down you feel like you can’t lead anything well.

Cee Harmon’s insight:

When you work at the mental aspect of leadership,  you’ll discover what many leaders have discovered: changing your mind about how you lead, feel and think changes everything.

When it’s appropriate, the weight of leadership can spur you toward leading better.  But when it crushes you, all of the benefits of feeling responsible for what you lead disappear.

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The Caribbean: Long-term Hurricane Relief Continues from 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Salvation Army Long-term Hurricane Response in the Caribbean

On the morning of 6 September 2017, Hurricane Irma made landfall in the northern Caribbean. Turks and Caicos, Anguilla, Sint Maarten, the US Virgin Islands, Cuba, the Dominican Republic and St Kitts and Nevis were badly affected and Barbuda was rendered uninhabitable, with most of the population being evacuated for their safety.

Devastating 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Hurricane Irma was swiftly followed by Maria, the tenth-strongest hurricane in recorded history, which made landfall in Puerto, Turk and Caicos, and Dominica – where at least 80 per cent of the population was affected.

As the clouds began to clear, the severity of the situation was exposed to the world and The Salvation Army responded with numerous projects, providing food, shelter, non-food items (NFIs), mattresses and beds, and putting in place livelihood recovery programs.

Working with local governments across the Caribbean, the neediest people were selected as initial beneficiaries for projects made possible by donations from the USA-based Salvation Army World Service Office (SAWSO) and Salvation Army offices in Canada, The Netherlands, Norway and the USA Eastern Territory. Non-Salvation Army donors included EO Metterdaad and Coca-Cola. | Read full story…


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