Pastor Rick Warren: “Learn How To Overcome Your Failures Through God’s Mercy”

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Pastor Rick Warren discusses how God’s mercy helps us overcome and move through our failures. In this message, you will also discover the answer to three key questions: What causes personal failure? What should I do when I fail? And what does Jesus do when I fail?

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Where Does the Power to Forgive Come From?

The Power of Forgiveness
The Power of Forgiveness

“One must first be shown mercy (and accept it), before he can be merciful to someone else.”  When someone wrongs us, our first and most natural reaction is typically to desire for them to be punished. If it is within our power to do so, we often take delight in punishing them ourselves.

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According to James Hoskins, only a person whose soul is truly free can forgive horrible injustice committed against them.  He says that one must first be shown mercy (and accept it), before he can be merciful to someone else.

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