John Piper: Why Self-Esteem Won’t Save You | Your Identity in God

John Piper Teaching on Self Esteem and Identity in God

According to John Piper, “You were made to be stunned by God, not just feel good about yourself. You’ll only discover who you were meant to be when you find your identity in him.”

Being Happy in God

I am not here to make you feel good about yourself. That’s a low salvation. That’s a low-level, American gospel message. I am here to make you so happy in God — to help you feel so good about the glory, majesty, beauty, justice, love, truth, and power of God — so that in all that, you forget about yourself.

Some of you have heard me say, “Nobody goes to the Grand Canyon to increase his self-esteem.” Because on the edge of the Grand Canyon, as you feel your soul being drawn out into this vast opening, that’s not what happens. What happens is wonder and awe, which is what you were made for. Heaven will not be a hall of mirrors in which you like what you see.


John Piper- Identity in God - Inspirational Quote


Heaven – Jesus Everywhere Satisfying Your Soul

In fact, I just have this suspicion there won’t be any mirrors in heaven because anything good and beautiful about you will be radiated back to you from the other people that you’re loving so much it just bounces back to you. But mainly it’s going to be about Jesus everywhere satisfying your soul.

So, thoughts about you in this world cause us so much grief. We think that the solution is “If I could just feel better about me — better about the way I look, better about my height, my weight, my complexion, my hair, my mathematical ability — if I could just feel better about me, I’d be healed.”  Read full story…


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