Pastor Josh Squires: The Perfect Spouse Will Not Complete You

The Perfect Spouse

Motivations are one thing, expectations are another. If you asked most people, they would affirm that there is no such thing as a perfect spouse. However, I’m betting that most of those same people would probably also affirm the “perfect-for-me” theory of spousal selection. That is the idea that there is some perfect person somewhere on the planet, and if they could just find them, the two would be perfectly happy together. Their interests, strengths, and shortcomings would all blend in perfect relational harmony.

Chemistry With the Perfect Spouse

Chemistry is the domain that lets me know that two people are really attracted to each other. There are common refrains in counseling; problems that I hear again and again. One of them is when one spouse is not attracted to the other. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but the most common I’ve found is that people have tried to fight against the trend in society that relationships are almost exclusively about looks and lust, so they have fallen for the opposite lie, that looks don’t matter at all.  See full story …

Keith & Beth Moore: Enjoying Marriage (James Robison/LIFE Today)

  • Beth Moore looks into James’ and Betty’s marriage and relates the quality of tenderness to her marital relationship.



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