Bishop T.D. Jakes Cautions Against More Violence Following Dallas Police Shootings

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Dallas Police Shootings: Bishop T.D. Jakes, of the Dallas, Texas based Potter’s House church, is reminding people not to let revenge rule their hearts and let God take care of everything.


Cee Harmon’s insight:

Instead of being fueled by hate, Bishop T.D. Jakes is encouraging people – regardless of their skin color – to unite and stand together in battling social injustices.

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One thought on “Bishop T.D. Jakes Cautions Against More Violence Following Dallas Police Shootings

  1. Bro. Jakes—I wrote Bro. Dollar how I believe that guns did not kill people but people kill people. I really do believe we should license our guns, however.. I personally do not want guns for myself. >>>>>>>This is a fact when we consider who would be Heaven or not, IT IS WHAT IS IN THE HEART OF MAN THAT COUNTS.>>>>>>Yes, I am concerned when those we elected, say it is not right to put a cross in front of the fire station. I can think of no greater protection than standing behind the cross for safety. Can you???? And when people complain & get by with it with those we elected about nativity scenes, then I see it this way—I don’t hide my nativity scenes after Christmas and I keep some where I can be reminded of what my Lord did for me Just as our Lord spoke the world into existence, he spoke the baby into Mary Womb. And when we really see this, then we begin to see the VALUE of the WORDS we speak.>>>>>>I write poetry—And in one poem years ago, I spoke (I believe Jesus spoke through me) about bringing the little children to him.>>>>>>>I was brought to Jesus when I was ten years old by the Spirit of the Lord, but it was my Mom & my G.A. Teacher that taught me about the Lord & brought me to the Lord in the earthly & spiritual sense.. If we share that love with all of our neighbors and I am talking to me as well as others. Then we bring those little ones to Jesus. A current poem would be
    Poem about little ones by Bonnie Parvino MY JESUS SAYS—
    Suffer not the little children to come unto me.
    Sit them upon my lap & I will hold them close protectively.
    I will bring them to safety—put their little ears to my very own heart.
    And, by my stripes they were & they are healed & that accomplishment was & is my Part.
    The church deserted this nations little ones. EXAMPLES (l) the southern Baptist deserted the children when closed Buckner’s Orphanage. They turned the orphans over to the state. (2) the Southern Baptist deserted their Lord in many ways which I cannot go through but they are not alone. (3) I believe before we can make any difference in this country for the LORD, we must first come to the foot of the CROSS. The foot of the Cross is FLAT. It knows no rank, no power, & no position. It knows no ethnic origins—my boys have often fought for their Latin name. And the cross knows no color.
    It is with love for God & Country that I write.
    I am
    Bonnie Parvino of Avinger, Texas

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