Research poll: What reasons would draw Americans to church? Survey reveals

Research Poll on Church Attendance
Image: Pixabay

According to a LifeWay Research poll, if invited by a friend, Americans who don’t go to church said they would attend an event to help make a neighborhood safer that is sponsored by a local Christian church rather than go to a worship service, a survey said. A total of 67 percent said they are unlikely to attend church regularly sometime in the near future.

When asked the reason why they decided not to attend church regularly, 25 percent said they only attended because their parents wanted them to; 23 percent said they lost interest, and 21 percent said they were turned off by the moral stances of the church. Twenty percent said they lost trust in the church and 20 percent said they got too busy in their life.


2 thoughts on “Research poll: What reasons would draw Americans to church? Survey reveals

  1. Thinking foreign missionaries is merely “a Good JOB”—instead of being called has its result.
    Mr Platt says that the heaviness of the situation is really difficult.
    I see God is sending these people home because they have supported the two missionaries that tried to force me to murder my own child.
    I was 9 mos. pregnant & how dare they call this abortion—as out & out murder & THE CHURCH THEY DID DEFILE.
    By Bonnie Parvino

  2. My brothers & sisters think I should be held responsible & for what I was not told.
    Don’t ask a Baptist Preacher for help—for their courage is not there to behold.
    They say don’t you have money of your own—as if my life I can just walk away.
    It was not a lie when the missionaries told me I had no rights my husband could let me die on the delivery table in that day.
    What will you do when those you hold grudges against are already dead??
    Grudges??Grudges?? how utterly stupid can these people be? makes one see red.
    When I spoke of medicine I took—I was told I was numbing myself down.
    Such a total lack of integrity & honor in this world cannot be found.
    By Bonnie Parvino

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