Pastor Saeed Abedini Saw Christian Prisoners Deny Christian Faith To Make Their Prison Stay Better

As Pastor Saeed Abedini served his prison sentence in Iran,  he witnessed some Christian prisoners turn to Islam to make their situation better. In a Facebook post, Abedini wrote, ” I saw some Christians who were put in prison because they would not deny their faith and they kept doing their ministry.”

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Pastor Saeed Abedini: “I heard one of the Christians prayed Namaz Islamic prayer to make his situation easier.  I saw some political prisoners who started obeying the Intelligence Police of Iran to get free or make their situation easier in prison.”

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Congressman Robert Pittenger: Saeed in ‘Good Shape’ after Years of ‘Demonic’ Abuse

CBN News:  Pastor Saeed Abedini is in good physical, spiritual, and emotional health just a few days after his release from an Iranian prison, Rep. Robert Pittenger told CBN News. The two men talked and prayed together after meeting Tuesday.

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