Elliott Powell Music Ministries: “Songs of Ascent” EP Release

Songs of Ascent by Elliott Powell

Cee Harmon‘s insight: When I listened to Elliott Powell’s Songs of Ascent album for the first time, three words came to mind: anointed, comforting, and powerful.  His music is boundless and has in it the potential to attract people from all walks of life to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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The Songs of Ascent EP is slated for release on February 11, 2014 and will be available at all major online retailers.  Elliott Powell is a Presbyterian Pastor and Christian recording artist that uses music as a platform to share the Gospel.  He began his music career in the Hollywood, California entertainment industry.  After achieving a measure of success,  he felt that God was calling him to use his abilities in music in a new way.

Powell served faithfully for 10 years, as an ordained minister in church settings, before turning his attention to a ministry dedicated to proclaiming the message of Christ through the ministry of music.  He formed Elliott Powell Ministries in 2013 to move forward with the vision that God gave him.


Featured Elliott Powell Music Ministries video:

This is the official music video for “Thorn and Thicket” by Elliott Powell & Directed by Amanda Danziger.


More Elliott Powell News and Information:

West Texas Folk Festival Elliott Powell Music Ministries


We are looking forward to the West Texas Folk Festival this coming Friday. Elliott and Brandon Word are set to kick off the event on Friday at 6 – 7 PM. Tickets are $10! Come hear and see some of the new tracks from Elliott’s Read more …

CMB-ite Spotlight #3 : Elliott Powell – Christian Music Blog


Elliott Powell: I know that this answer is probably so common that it borders on cliché, but I cut my musical teeth on U2. I met Bono once and …. How does that fit into your ministry as a recording artist? Elliott Powell: I’m at an Read more …


Elliott Powell -- Music Ministries

Release Date for “Songs of Ascent” – Elliott Powell Music Ministries


Elliott’s new EP, “Songs of Ascent” drops on February 11, 2014 at all major online retailers. Signed, physical copies of the disc are available on epmusicministries.com. Here is a preview video of some of the music on this new Read more …

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