TBN Russia: Expanding Christian Television Across the Earth

According to TBN Russia director Igor Nikitin, the once small network that reached out to the former Soviet republics and surrounding Baltic states, has spread across Europe, Africa, and Asia. It can even be seen throughout North and South America.

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Svetlana Stone, B Палестине Царь родился TBN-Russia, NY

Performing “B Палестине Царь родился” at the Trinity Broadcast Network Christmas telethon in New York, December 19th, 2012. Many thanks to the amazing staff …

TBN Russia Broadcasting the Gospel to Every Corner of the Earth


The international outreach of Trinity Broadcasting Network is exploding, and nowhere is that more evident than in the once dark nation of Russia, where over the past month TBN’s five Russian affiliate networks have combined 

TBN Responds to Steve Strang – Charisma Magazine


Mr. Strang might have focused in particular on TBN’s six affiliate networks in Russia, its two full-time networks broadcasting the gospel to Muslims around the world, or the 24-hour network established a couple of years ago in 

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