Pastor Sam Adeyemi Preaches: “How to Transform Your Life”

Sam Adeyemi Ministries
Sam Adeyemi Ministries

In this video from Daystar TV, Pastor Sam Adeyemi preaches on “How to Transform Your Life”. He asks the question, “How do you transform your life in such a way that you can do things you have never been able to do before and to have things you have things you havew never been able to have before?” This question is answered with Holy Bible Scripture — John 1:1-3.

The mission of Sam Adeyemi Ministries is to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are commissioned with the mandate to reach people and touch people. Their goal is to reach millions of people daily with the good news of the gospel of Christ and letting them know about His love for them.

SAM ADEYEMI :- Purpose | Amodu Oluwaseun Blog

SAM ADEYEMI :- Purpose. 06 Saturday Apr 2013. Posted by oamodu in Uncategorized. ≈ Leave a Comment. Your purpose defines your life and your limits. It makes you original. It defines what you can do and what you can’t

The Journey of Success | Success Power Media

SPBONUS * Firstname * Lastname*Email to 08160000377. About Sam Adeyemi: Sam Adeyemi is unarguably Nigeria’s No 1 success coach and one of the country’s leading experts on personal development and self mastery.


SAM ADEYEMI 3 Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom, and with all your getting, get understanding. Wisdom is one of the most powerful forces on earth. It is the difference between failure and success; between

Destined for service by Sam Adeyemi


*Elevate Christian Network



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