Jack Canfield: €œIf You Could Have Anything and There Were No Limitations, What Would You Do?

Jack Canfield via Flickr

Personal development expert Jack Canfield says that everyone of us know what we want and we can feel it. He enjoys the fact that his kids are risk takers and are out there living on the edge of their potential. Jack teaches us how the people in our lives often tell us how it’€™s not Ok to do certain things, and how we become conditioned to hesitate before attempting new things. He is definitely qualified to give us advice on success principles and overcoming obstacles. Jack Canfield’€™s Chicken Soup for the Soul€ series of inspirational books have become some of the best-selling books ever. http://elevatechristiannetwork.com/elevate-your-potential/3442/success-skills/jack-canfield-if-you-could-have-anything-and-there-were-no-limitations-what-would-you-do/


*Elevate Christian Network



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