Featured Ministry — Pastors Mason and Twyla Betha of El Elyon International Church

Pastor Mason Betha, formerly known as Mase, was a multi-platinum hip-hop recording artist from Bad Boy Entertainment. After hearing God calling him to full-time ministry in 1999, Mason left the entertainment industry while he was at the height of his music career. Twyla Betha graduated with a Master’s Degree in Engineering from UCLA, and as a young single woman she had a highly successful career in corporate America. After deciding to follow Christ, Twyla left her career in corporate America to fulfill her ministry calling of teaching. She and Mason Betha married, and today, Mason and Twyla are pastors of El Elyon International Church, which currently has a membership of over 3,000 members on campuses in Atlanta, GA and Phoenix, AZ. Their “Born to Succeed” television program can be seen around the world and is committed to providing the necessary tools and practical application for all to be able to live a successful life. http://elevatechristiannetwork.com/featured-ministry-pastors-mason-and-twyla-betha-of-el-elyon-international-church/


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